Psychedelic Tapestry

The word “psychedelic” means “anything in youth culture that is colorful, or unusual, or fashionable”.

    The idea of psychedelic art is that the altered state of consciousness produced by psychedelic drugs is a source of artistic inspiration. Psychedelic art is similar to surrealism in that it prescribes a mechanism for obtaining inspiration. While the mechanism of surrealism is the adherence to dreams, psychedelic artists turn to drug-induced hallucinations.

   Psychedelic tapestry art allows for a more colorful expression of psychedelic vision. The different scenic images and designs of tapestry can convey different moods and atmospheres. It can enhance the energy of an interior space while also creating a serene atmosphere in a home. These fabrics do not need to cover the entire wall, you can decide the size according to your preference. The tapestry in your home is sure to be the talk of the town when you have visitors, especially if it has a great story behind it (for example, if you bought it on a trip to exotic Bhutan or Kenya).The ‘mandala’ is a very popular tapestry design. The geometric pattern of the mandala is understood to represent the universe and to symbolize ‘wholeness’ and ‘completeness’.

  As home decor, tapestries can add a creative aspect to the home. From pop art to religious images, and from various psychedelic colors to fashionable designs, ethnic art deco tapestries come in millions of styles and types of designs, so the options are endless!

  Tapestry can take your decor back to the psychedelic 70’s or bring it into the modern 2021’s with a tapestry to suit any style. With its intricate designs and captivating colors, you can transform or enhance the beauty of a room, this vibrant wall art is a quick and easy way to refresh any space and add a wow factor to any drab wall space.

   Psychedelic tapestry features: magical, metaphysical and surrealistic motifs; kaleidoscopic, fractal or paisley patterns; bright and or high-contrast colors; extreme depth of detail or programmed detail, also known as the horror vacuum style; distorted objects or motifs, sometimes collaged; phosphenes, spirals, concentric circles, diffraction patterns and other entoptic patterns, repetitive patterns; innovative typography and hand lettering, including warping and transformation of positive and negative space.

   Decorating your space with unique and pleasing psychedelic artwork will clearly reflect your personality and speak to your own tastes and sensibilities!

   Want to show off your personality on your walls, but don’t want to invest in a permanent piece of art? Tapestry is art without the hassle of commitment.

    And if you’re creative enough, it can be used as a cool beach blanket, tablecloth or furniture!