How to Hang a Astronaut Tapestry in 3 Easy Ways

I’m going to show you three simple and easy ways to hang a Astronaut Tapestry on your wall and even if you live in a dorm room or an apartment or somewhere where you can’t use nails on your walls I have a couple of alternatives for you that are going to be quick and easy you’ll need to decide where you want to hang. your tapestry mine’s going at the very top of the wall beyond my bed.

The first method :

Uses pushpins and pushpins are very affordable you can find them pretty much anywhere you probably even have some just laying around your house somewhere which makes this method super convenient I’m using a Astronaut Tapestry that has built-in loops which makes it really easy to hang and you can find these on my shop at the dreamer’s decor comm since my tapestry has loops I’m just going to stick the pin in the wall and sit the loop right on the pin then you’ll have to decide if you want to drape your tapestry or if you want it to be completely spread out personally I love a slightly draped look like this so my pins are going to go slightly closer than the length of the tapestry if you like a super spread outlook then you’re going to spread out your tops treat completely and then pin it.for tapestries without loops you’ll need to take the pushpin and put it through the corner of the tapestry and just pin it in the same fashion there will be a small little hole in the corner but as long as your tapestry is not too heavy it won’t do any more damage than that this might be sitting the obvious but the pushpin method will leave small holes in your wall so if you live in a dorm or apartment where you’re not allowed to do that then the next two methods will be much better options for you.

The second method :

I’ll be showing you uses these picture hanging strips by command they don’t damage your wall they’re basically these strips with a Velcro like texture on one side and super sticky on the back each strip comes with two pieces one piece will go on the wall and the other will go on the tapestry these command ships hold up to 16 pounds which is more than enough since Astronaut Tapestry only weighs about 2 to 3 pounds but you still want to make sure that you press it really firmly onto the wall that way you know it’s not going anywhere then you’re going to take the other side and do the same exact thing to the tapestry even though it’s fabric it sticks surprisingly well you just have to make sure you hold it pretty firmly for a few seconds and then you’re good to go once you’ve attached the strip’s to the wall and to the tapestry we’re then going to connect them on the velcro side and just press really firmly to make sure that they’re interlocked then repeat that on the other side and that wraps up the second method which is damage-free perfect for dorms and apartments now moving on to the third method which uses damage-free hooks also by command and I actually found these at the dollar stores so this is a really affordable way to get the job done but you will need a tapestry with built-in loops each pack comes with two hooks and two adhesive strips so we’re just going to apply one of the strip’s to the back of the hook press it down firmly and then apply the other side to the wall then do the same exact thing to the other side just make sure you press down firmly for a few seconds and then you tapestry is ready for hanging so that wraps up.

The three method :

To hang a Astronaut Tapestry including options for all of you that live in dorms and apartments ,I love tapestries because it’s an easy way to take a plain space and make it vibrant and dreamy so if you guys are looking for a tapestry or other bohemian inspired decor you can head on over to my shop, hope you have an awesome day.