Christmas Shower Curtain

  Christmas is coming, walking in the street can feel the Christmas atmosphere is getting thicker and thicker, see a variety of beautiful Christmas decorations in the windows of shopping malls, you are not very excited, maybe your own home can also come to a Christmas dress up, so that the Christmas atmosphere at home is also hot. Is your home ready for get a Christmas Shower Curtain?

  When you think of Christmas, you think of Finland, the home of Santa Claus.It is said that the Nordic people have a special love for Christmas, and this is true. Finland’s high latitude, long winters and short summers, especially long nights and short days, and wet, cold winters always give a depressing feeling, but after the shortest day, December 22, the long winter nights shorten and the sunny days of summer get closer, so people here like to think of Christmas as a turning point in the year. The Finnish anticipation of Christmas is typical of northern Europe, and legend has it that Santa Claus comes from the village of Rovaniemi in northern Finland.

Unlike most countries, Finnish families are always visited by Santa Claus on Christmas Eve, either played by the father or by a neighbor. When the costumed Santa Claus appears, with a gift sack over his shoulder and a walking stick in his hand, his first words are “Are there any good children here?” The answer is always “Yes!” Then the children sing to Santa. Santa never stays long, but leaves after singing his last song, giving the children more time to share the joy of getting their presents. Then comes the “New Year’s Eve dinner,” the most sumptuous meal of the year for families, for which housewives often work for days.After the New Year’s Eve meal, many Finns go to the sauna for a while. If you have the opportunity to travel to the Finnish countryside, you will find saunas in almost every home, a sight that is probably unique to Finland. Saunas are an important part of Finnish society, and many social activities, such as making friends and talking business, cannot be done without them.Although you can’t go to a sauna every Christmas like the Finns do, you can still experience the warmth and joy of family in your own bathroom.

If you’re a fan of holiday decorations, why not decorate your bathroom with some delightful Christmas-themed shower curtains? If you’re hosting a Christmas party at your home this year and want to make bathroom time a little more cheerful for every guest, a little decorating might be a good option. You can swap out items like Christmas shower curtains and bath mats and return to normal decorations after the holidays are over.

A little creativity can often go a long way, and it’s fun to switch out the original shower curtain for one that’s about the Santa theme, right? Take a bubble bath and fantasize about what Santa will send you.